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Bringing 360° panorama photography and virtual tours to your website.

PanoCraft is a small 2-person setup, based in Singapore.

Tim is a Web Engineer by training and has over 10 years experience with the web from Flash to HTML5. Tim's interest in photography came from the desire to have beautiful photos of his new-born twins in 2007. One thing led to another, and 360° panorama photography had become his passion.
Yvonne has over 7 years of experience in Market Research. She was also (famously) at some point a "Singapore Girl" at Singapore Airlines. Providing outstanding customer service, handling relationships, and keeping content clear and understandable are her forte.

We use well maintained and high quality equipment as described below:

At panocraft, we are big proponents of open source software. That is reflected in the tools used to process and stitch the panoramas, as follow:

For publishing virtual tours, the best tool is unfortunately not open-source, but it is so good, and the support is so great, that it's worth every penny. krpano is a highly flexible panorama and virtual tour player, that can play your virtual tour in practically any device, from desktop browsers to smartphone, even iphone and ipads.

Don't be a stranger; contact us for any enquiry.

Tim at PanoCraft
Tel: +65-91764969