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Bringing 360° panorama photography and virtual tours to your website.

Virtual tours all start with one or more 360-degrees panoramas.

Panoramas are taken with specialized photographic equipment to take enough photographs to cover the entire 360-degrees sphere, without parallax errors. Photographs then need to be stitched into one seamless panoramic image, called a scene, and then exported into a format an interactive panorama player can display.

Such panorama players are typically able to link several scenes together to provide an engaging virtual tour experience.

To start thinking about your virtual tour project, just walk around your facilities, stop at several places, and look all around you, turning around yourself without changing your position. That will help you determine the best spots to showcase.

If you wish to include clone photography, imagine where you would like to be seen from where you are standing right now.

Some warnings on scenes:

Some of the errors and artifacts are correctable to some extent using Photoshop, but not all are possible. We will advise on potential problems while checking the facilities.

We will first discuss your needs, either over the phone, email, or face to face, to determine the details of your virtual tour project. Once the project scope is settled, we will plan for a photo shoot at your premises.

Depending on the number of scenes to take and their complexity, the photo shoot can take 2 to 3 hours. The date and time of the photo shoot is dictated by your needs, in particular if you require to have people around.

Since the scenes are full 360 panoramas, you should make sure the facilities are clean and tidy, including the floor, before the shoot starts. If you've opted to be present in the scenes, dress appropriately.

Once the shoot is complete, the panoramas will need to be assembled before the virtual tour can be set up and linked. For "basic" virtual tours, this phase should take 1 to 2 weeks.

Upon completion of the project, we deliver the following on a data CD or DVD:

From the delivered DVD, you can place the files on your own website and link to it from your pages.

The virtual tour, launched from the single html page, takes the entire space available in the browser. Tighter integration can be done within your pages if required. Do ask us if you need further information on that topic.

Additionally, we provide a hosting service of your virtual tour, on our site, for a yearly fee. Do ask us for an additional quotation for this service.